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Portable Rapid Typing Tutor is the best typing software to show you how to type like
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25 April 2012

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Typing is the process of inserting any kind of text into a machine device, most commonly the typewriter of computer system. The typing process exists in the business circle since a long time, when all typing work was done through typewriters and the knowledge of shorthand writing method was a must. In several organizations, the typing test is considered prior to recruitment and WPM (Words per Minute) is measured for the candidate’s ability to type in as many words in one minute. Different techniques are utilized for learning speed typing that involves correct finger positioning on the keyboard and the correct posture as well. Another effective methodology like Portable Rapid Typing Tutor 3.2.3 that facilitates easy learning of the typing skill and make the procedure more efficient and simple.

Portable Rapid Typing Tutor opens with an intuitively arranged interface with the chief options placed at the top panel and a keyboard visual is placed at the bottom displaying the posture and positioning. The colorful and vibrancy of the screen makes it look user friendly and bright and is pleasant for the eyes. The portable release means that it does not require installation on the computer and can run from the USB Flash drive as well or any other portable media. The structured content of the lessons make the learning experience simple for a beginner or even as a level enhancement for a skilled individual. It provides the facility of touch typing as well which is all the more efficient and professional. This high end software is easy to use and makes learning typing a simple process that is useful for children and adults.

To sum up, Portable Rapid Typing Tutor 3.2.3 certainly comes across as an effective utility that makes official processes simple and more productive and hence gets a rating score of four points and a half for its robust performance and ability to assist novice learners in an effective manner.

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A portable release of the esteemed Rapid Typing Tutor, this program marks the cutting edge in typing software. Learning how to type with Rapid Typing Tutor is both a pleasurable and efficient experience. The portable release means that it does not need to be installed on your computer and it can run straight off a USB flash drive or any other kind of media. Making it an even more attractive opportunity, Rapid Typing Tutor is also completely free. Lessons are conveniently structured in such a way that you can advance your typing skills or start at the absolute beginning. In a surprisingly short amount of time, you will be able to learn touch typing, the only efficient and professional way to type. This typing program is designed to be intuitive and advanced and fun to use for children and adults alike. It will help you get over any bad habits you have obtained before and replace them with good typing habits. For more information, pay a visit to and download the program today.
Portable Rapid Typing Tutor
Portable Rapid Typing Tutor
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ricardo solis
this games is good to my kids for her typing lesson...
Mn Sridhar
It is good but need to improve
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